A Christmas Wish from our Pastor –                                                                                             Find Yourself Within the Promise of Christmas this Year!

We Need a Little Christmas – and Thanks Be to God – We have it!  When we lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, a number of the church lads were part of the city-wide Boy Choir, and every year Franny and I had the pleasure of attending their seasonal concert.   We still hum their opening number:   

“We need a little Christmas, right this very minute, need a little laughter, need to find ourselves within it; need a little sparkle, need a little jolly – we need a little Christmas now!’

I always appreciated that tune – it hit me where I live…  Need a little Christmas – we all do.    And as we approach this year’s celebration of the Nativity, I remind that according to our story, God knew we would –  need a little Christmas…

Need to remember the promise and hope that comes through Isaiah:  “Rise up, your light has come – the glory of the Lord will be upon you.”

And from the Gospel of JOHN, “There is a light that shines in any darkness.”  It glows to lighten our loads and inspire our living.

“O come, O come Emmanuel” we have sung this Advent time, and the aspirational virtues of Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy culminate in our proclamation: “Christ, our Savior, Light of the world, is born.”

O we have a story to tell all people who equally, need a little Christmas – that what we have yearned for, longed for – has happened.    God’s light shone once in the face of a man – and shines on through His eternal Spirit for all who seek it.

We need a little Christmas – and Thanks Be to God – we have it!   Whether it be in our home church here – or with a part of the extended faith family elsewhere –   my prayer is that you may know the wonder of finding yourself within the Christmas promise again this year.

And May God Bless us – Everyone!

Faithfully yours,  Nick Van Gombos, Pastor