A Message from IHN: As you all know this year we are short congregational hosting.  So we will be sheltering our families in a hotel.  To try and save some money, and have better food available for our clients, we are again asking you  to volunteer and cook some dinners.  There is plenty of opportunity to use your culinary skills as our clients will be in the hotel for 2 weeks.

We are in need of dinners the following:
Monday, February 12-FridayFebruary 16
All dinners are to be delivered to IHN headquarters in Montclair by 4:00pm
Family breakdown:   7 Adults, 5 kids
Allergies:  No pork, or seafood
PLEASE NOTE: Please let us know what you will be cooking, so we do not have a whole week of pasta dishes.  Thank you.
As always thank you for your time and help.
Kind regards,
Angie Benedict
Volunteer Manager for IHN