This is a mission initiative that will culminate on April 22. It is also an exercise in shared leadership and praying about the opportunities to serve that God is giving uniquely to you. During our Lenten worship services we will be asking you to come up with mission projects that we can work on together. Just to get your creative juices flowing, here’s a list of some ideas.

Excited to see what we will come up with!
Rev. Mike Capron, Mission Coordinator

  1. Send our choir/bell choir somewhere to spread some joy–HOMM or at Elizabeth Coalition?
  2. Walk around the neighborhood dropping off banana bread and coupons for senior citizens to ask for leaf raking or odd jobs later on.
  3. Take our children to a nursing home and have them sing and/or do something nice for the people there.  (Leave them homemade cards or craft project?)
  4. Find a highway or park and pick up trash.
  5. In general, we could contact all the local mission projects we support and ask if they have any special projects like painting, etc. that need doing.
  6. We could invite a pet rescue agency to hold an adoption fair in our yard.
  7. Hold a blood drive.
  8. Find out if a conservation group needs volunteers to clear a trail.
  9. We could find art students in a local school who had their works rejected for display there and put them up in our fellowship hall for a month.
  10. We could set up some kind of health clinic to check blood pressure, etc.
  11. We could go to the town hall and pray for all our local officials.
  12. We could do something to appreciate fire/ambulance/police folks.
  13. We could gather up our tech-savvy people and go out in pairs to help senior citizens or others who have technology problems in their homes.
  14. We could collect specialized trash items and transport them to recycling centers.
  15. We could have a group gather to write letters for Amnesty International on behalf of those unjustly imprisoned.
  16. With Team Refugee’s connections, we could go throw a party for some newly arrived families.
  17. Under Steven and Ebony’s leadership we could set up a multigenerational flash mob doing something musical for Christ’s passion in a local mall.
  18. We could pack boxes for people serving in the armed forces—maybe the USS Theodore Roosevelt?
  19. We could send cookies to college students getting ready for finals.
  20. Set up a craft project, like making blankets for refugees.