Your life is a gift from God. From you unique perspective, what need can you see that your church could help with?
This is a mission initiative that will culminate on April 22. It is also an exercise in shared leadership and praying about the opportunities to serve that God is giving uniquely to you. During our Lenten worship services we will be asking you to come up with mission projects that we can work on together.

Rev. Mike Capron, Mission Coordinator 

Our PREPARATION phase is coming to an end. Today is your last opportunity to jot down a project idea below. Then we will finalize the list of projects and give you the chance to sign up for them in advance.

ACTION: On April 22, we will gather in the Sanctuary at 10:00 am and then – ‘Leave the Building’ to engage in a variety of mission projects. (A few of them will actually be in the building, but they are all designed to serve others.)

REFLECTION:  On April 29, our café worship will celebrate what we accomplished and we will consider which of the new ideas should be continued beyond this one-time event.

Contacts: Mike Capron
Doug Olson or Emelie Calbick