The Lawn is not just for pumpkins anymore!! Join us as WPC in partnership with Mt Pleasant Animal Shelter hosts a pet “spa” and animal adoption event on our front lawn OR Come and stuff the M.E.N.D. Bus, “The Green Bean” with healthy food for a local food pantry.  Wish lists for both groups are posted below.

Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter is a non-profit animal welfare organization that is 100% funded through donations, (where  no animal is ever euthanized for lack of space). Dogs can enjoy some special pampering with a shampoo, pedicure or massage.  We will also offer pet micro-chipping so every pet can be returned to their home safely if they are ever lost. All services will have a requested donation fee that will go directly to Mt. Pleasant. In addition, there will be some wonderful dogs and cats available for adoption and a  “wish list” of supplies for people who wish to donate critical items the shelter needs to keep its animals happy and healthy

Mend BusM.E.N.D. (Meeting Essential Needs with Dignity) re-purposed a donated school bus into a healthy food collection vehicle and mobile food pantry. Our “Green Bean” will bring fresh and healthy foods to under-served communities across Essex County. Interior shelving is being installed to allow the bus to serve as a mobile food pantry, free farmers market, and a “Stuff the Bus” food collection vehicle at schools, libraries, and community events.

MEND food list.jpg