SERMON: A Mustard Seed Faith!
The Rev. E. Nicholas Van Gombos
SCRIPTURE: Matthew 17:19-20 and Luke 13:18-19                                                                MOMENTS for MISSION: House of Mercy Mission Sandwich Making and the Peace & Global Witness offering                                                                                                                        A REPORT: from the Pastoral Transition Team                                                                      MUSIC: The Chancel Choir

CHILDREN: begin worship with their families and will be led to Sunday School after the Children’s Conversation.  A play room equipped with sound and video, is available for
use during the service.
Meetings for 9/23 (all at 11:15 am)
  1. Confirmation Orientation – Hoffmann Room
  2. Mission Committee – Parlor
  3. Deacons – Room #6

Deacon of the Week:     

Starting September 16: Bruce Hartley

Starting September 23: Nicole Newhook