WORSHIP | 10:00 am
Guest Preacher: The Rev. Deborah Oosterbaan
SCRIPTURE: II Samuel 7.1-14a and Mark 6.30-34                                                                   

CHILDREN: are invited to remain in worship with their families today.  A play room equipped with sound and video, is available for use during the service. Regular Sunday School will resume September 16.
A time for Congregational Hymn Choice returns for the summer. Do you have a favorite Hymn?

Deacon of the Week:                                                                                                                 Starting July 22: Tony Rodriguez

Starting July 29: Eva Curtis

Summer Coffee Hour:

July 22 – Ellie Lesperance

July 29 – Franny Van Gombos

August 5 -Judy Reese

August 12 – Chris MacIntyre

August 19 – Becky Sawyer

August 26 – Sandy Kramer