​100 Wyoming Members and Friends – Left the Building –
to take Jesus’ Grace into the World’

What a grand experience we shared yesterday, for our Wyoming Church Has Left the Building Sunday.  Starting with a brief time of inspiring prayer, song and a Biblical charge to ‘Love God and Others’ by our Mission Coordinator, the Rev. Michael Capron, about 100 of us of all ages, most clad in Wyoming PC T-shirts,  engaged in 8 different points of service. What a witness to our ongoing aspiration to be a people who keep our faith in action – and show that faith in compassionate service!

My thanks are added to the many who were served, as I celebrate with you a unique and singular event in our faith journey.  A special word of gratitude to Mike, who brought the idea, all who participated, and the leaders of each service point:  Betty Braunschweiger, Sandy French, Kirk Sohr, Berit Peri, Franny Van Gombos, Doug Olson, Nicole Newhook, Jon Reese and Emelie Calbick.  Early energetic responses say this is a day to repeat and build on into the future.   My sense is we ought to plan to do just that.

And I hope you will join for a time to rejoice and recap this coming ‘Mission Sunday,’  April 29.  In word and pictures, we’ll recall and recount the highlights of that noteworthy Sunday. You’ll want to be here!

Faithfully and Gratefully,   Nick Van Gombos, Pastor