STAMP OUT DESPAIR | Friday November 9 | 6:30–8:30 pm | Fellowship Hall  20 people from Wyoming Church, Morrow Church and the community, joined forces on Friday, November 9th to put together “Stamp Out Despair” writing kits for First Friends of NJ/NY to distribute to detainees currently housed in the Essex County jail. The energy and enthusiasm was high, fueled by good pizza and even better conversation.  Thanks to the team’s efforts, we assembled materials and wrote personal inspirational notes for 106 writing kits. In addition, we raised $125 for First Friends to purchase toiletries and other essentials for detainees.

Some background information… Not ten miles from the Statue of Liberty, there are hundreds of refugees, asylum seekers, survivors of torture, and victims of human trafficking and violent crimes held in detention in converted warehouses and county jails for months and even years while their immigration cases are processed. They have no access to the outside and they are not permitted to have possessions or even their own clothes. Many come with little or no money yet everything they need – from toiletries, to books and stamps – must be purchased from the commissary where prices are high. Many fall into despair with little to do each day. One of their only pleasures is corresponding with family and friends but they often can’t afford the materials like paper and stamps. Help us provide them materials they need to correspond with their loved ones.

To donate funds….to purchase toiletries and other essentials for detainees, please click on Wyoming Church’s giving page HERE. Or, in church, write “refugee” on pew envelopes or check memo line.