Sunday, November 4 – We will begin a celebration of our 145 years of Worshiping God and Serving the Community.  Join us for worship when we assemble at The Rock for a prayer and a procession up Wyoming Avenue to our current sanctuary. 

The life of the Wyoming Church began on Sunday, November 9, 1873, in a railroad station. The station was located on the north side of the tracks a little east of the place where Wyoming Avenue now crosses them. It had been built by Luther W. Badger in order to attract commuters to the Wyoming real estate development .

The station turned out to be a perfect place to hold Sunday worship services as there  were no Sunday trains.  About 30 people attended the first service. the Reverend Mr. Brown Emerson, who because of ill health had been forced to take the job of ticket seller, served as the minister. The subject for his sermon on this birthday Sunday of our church was “How dreadful is this place. this is none other than the house of God; and this is the gate of Heaven”. He chose these words from Genesis 28:17 where Jacob on the morning after his dream of the stairway to heaven describes his feelings about the desert spot in which he had spent the night.

Sunday School was held in the afternoon, with upwards of 60 people present.

It would have been difficult to pick a year more adverse financially than 1873 for the beginning of the church. Things had scarcely gotten under way when the depression of 1873 broke, a depression that was to last 5 1/2 years. The Wyoming Land Development Company collapsed. The building of homes in Wyoming ceased, not to begin again until the turn of the century.

In spite of their discouragements, the congregation led by Mr. Emerson went doggedly on. They wanted to form a church and petitioned the Presbytery of Morris and Oranges to be admitted. The petition was granted in 1875; and on April 21, 1875 the group became the First Presbyterian Church of Wyoming. It was incorporated under the laws of NJ on July 28, 1875. there were just 14 members during its first official year