The suggested menu is as follows: A salad is welcome any night.

Sunday: chicken, green vegetable, potatoes, rolls, fruit, dessert, 1 gallon 2 % milk. 

Monday: beef. rice, corn, fruit, dessert. 1 gal 2% milk 

Tuesday: Pasta, French bread, butter, vegetable or salad, desert, 1 Gal 2 % milk. 

Wednesday: Beef. rice or egg noodles, veg, fruit, dessert,

Thursday: Chicken casserole, ie. parmesan., rice or noodles green veg. rolls, fruit, dessert, 1 gal. 2% milk. 

Friday: Beef, meat loaf, potatoes, peas, corn carrots, fruit, dessert, 1 gal 2% milk. 

Saturday: Pizza night, Raw veggies and dip, fruit, dessert. 1 gal 2% milk 

ALSO please note that we will be seeking the donation of pantry items:  please let us know if you would be willing to participate in helping to stock our IHN pantry for our guests

We ask that you provide an email and phone number so that those hosting with you can connect and coordinate- thanks for your cooperation.

Thank you!  Amy Cox-Martins, Glen Hoffs and Dave Berry

Call David Berry (973) 701-9021 or  for additional information 


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