of events and important names of the 2010s…the 33 Miners in Chile rescued, George w. Bush was elected, Julian Assange, Bin Laden killed, Steve Jobs died, Barack Obama elected president, Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook elementary School, the Boston Marathon bombing, Black Lives Matter, Bit Coin, Cannabis legalized in CO, Charlie Hedbo, Brexit, Charleston Church shooting, Donald Trump was elected president, NFL players kneeled, Pulse Night Club, El Paso, Las Vegas, Dayton, Parkland, Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Dorian, Wildfires, Charlottesville, Family separation, border walls, the #METOO movement, Notre Dame, the Black Hole, Greta Tunberg and Student Strikes for Climate change, College cheating scandal, Women in space, Women’s National Team won the World Cup, 75th anniversary of D Day, vaping, Avengers End Game and Baby Yoda.

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