Our sanctuary will be closed for public worship and all gatherings until at least September 13 due to the pandemic. You can tune in to the service with music and a message at 10:00 am FaceBook or on our YouTube channel.

SUNDAY WORSHIP (8/2) 10:00 am (online only)

SERMON: “Eating Leftovers: Word, Sacrament, and Overlooked Nourishment”*

*part of a summer sermon series based on liturgy of the ordinary by Tish Harrison Warren (details on page 2)

COMMUNION will be celebrated (Please have the elements available so that you can participate fully.)

The Rev. Caroline Steinemann Unzaga

SCRIPTURE: Matthew 26:17-19 and 26-30

MUSIC: Ebony Wiggins and Steven Shellman

SUNDAY SCHOOL will resume in September  

We invite you to join your faith family on Sundays at 10:00 am on Facebook where our service will premier. Please let us know you are watching and leave a comment or a prayer request in the comments.  We hope you feel the presence of your church family around you (virtually of course)

OR on our YouTube channel… Click HERE to watch also at 10am.

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