4/11 Creation and Chaos in Genesis

Travel back to Biblical accounts of the dawn of time in Genesis and start to think about how its stories work as a narrative.

4/18 Moses and the Drama of the Exodus

Both encouraging and threatening, Exodus is one of the Bible’s most thrilling stories.

4/25 David and the nation building

Go beyond the heroic portrayals of David in western art to reveal the vibrant heart of the fascinating figure in Samuel 2.

5/2 Psalms and the Bible’s songbook

Packed with poems, prayers and song lyrics, the Bible’s 150 psalms are an evocative blend of hope, despair, anger and contemplation.

5/9 Biblical wisdom literature

Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job. Questions about the meaning of life abound in the Bible’s books of wisdom literature.

5/23 Isaiah on Defiant hope

Go beyond the book of Isaiah’s prophetic imagery to focus on the narrative’s powerful lasting visions of hope and some of its disturbing passages on warfare.

5/30 John and the word made flesh

In the first of two lectures on the gospel of John, probe the first 12 chapters of this book’s poetic prose.

6/6 Freedom and the Law in Paul’s letters

Continue your exploration of Paul’s letters this time by studying the correspondence he wrote to the Galations and the Romans.

6/20 Revelation’s vision of the New Creation

Conclude this series with a lecture on perhaps the most evocative, unsettling, and yet hopeful book in the Bible.

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