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Millburn, New Jersey

Our 2019 Mission Team has landed!

OUR MISSION TEAM has returned from Kentucky following a week of service and growth. Members of the team were Debbie, Jake & Kaleigh Wright, Dave Berry, Kathy & Matthew Stine, Victoria, Grant & Jordan Haas, Barb & Jack Westlake, Alex Perez, Andrew Gart, Sebastian Madrigal, and Catherine Merritt. You can follow their journey on Facebook and HERE for all the photos.

Sunday, June 9th 10:30-2:00

The Lawn is not just for pumpkins anymore!! The Church has Left the Building to partner with Mt Pleasant Animal Shelter hosting  a pet “spa” and animal adoption event on our front lawn OR Come and stuff the M.E.N.D. Bus, “The Green Bean” with healthy food for a local food pantry.  We accepted community donations to “stuff the bus”.  The bus started at Wyoming Church and then went to the Stop & Shop in South Orange.

Wish lists for both groups are posted below. Continue reading “Stuff the Bus AND Adopt a Pet”

Children’s Choir Musical 5/19

STAR QUEST  – A Search for the Lost Scriptures


In a galaxy far away, and in a future not too distant, the crew of the spaceship Star Quest J-316 are on a mission: trekking through the galaxy, bringing the Word of God to people everywhere! In the future, all written communication is now sent and stored digitally – nothing is written on paper. The Bible is stored on the Intergalactic Bible Database, allowing all people access to God’ Word. But there is a radical plot underway by a misguided, power-hungry ruler who is steadily erasing scriptures from the database. The crew of J-316 has just landed on a planet whose inhabitants still employ the age-old practice of Bible memorization. With the Word of God hidden in their hearts, they offer to go back to the ship with the crew to help restore the lost scriptures. But will they be able to stop the plot to steal the scriptures away? Time is of the essence, and nothing in this world or beyond could be more important than making sure God’s Word remains available to all people throughout the galaxy!

Questions? Contact Ebony Wiggins at

Confirmation Class 2019

Sunday May 5, 2019 WPC confirmed six young people into the life of our church.

Gracious God, by water and the Spirit, you claimed us as your own, cleansing us from sin,  and giving us new life. You made us members of your body, the church, calling us to be your servants in the world. Renew in each member of the Confirmation Class, the covenant you made in their baptism. Continue the good work you have begun in them. Send them forth by the power of your Spirit    to love and serve you with joy. Amen.

Maundy Thursday 4/18

Maundy Thursday, April 18 |  7:30 pm | Worship and “Upper Room” meal in Fellowship Hall

New Members May 5, 2019

Welcome to your new faith family!

Good Friday Worship 4/19

Friday April 19 | 7:30 pm. A “Tenebrae” Worship in our sanctuary. Chancel Choir, Soloists and Readers lead. Come Recall in somber tones, Jesus’ last earthly hours.

A Prayer for Christchurch from our PC(USA)…

God of our weary years and our silent tears,

We are shattered by the deaths of 49 Muslim neighbors in New Zealand,

     cut down in the midst of Friday prayers.

We are horrified, angry, despairing

We struggle with a knowledge that our prayers alone are not enough

     our silence in the face of intolerance and fear is complicity

     a fear that we do not know a way forward that will help

     an emptiness: we have been here before, too many times,

and we know we will walk this bloodied path again.

What can we do, with such fear and anger and longing,

     that can bind us together,

rather than further tear apart the fabric of our common life?

We are failing one another, and we are failing You, O Maker of the Universe:

 our Mercy, our Justice, our Peace.

We pray for our neighbors in Christchurch

            and for our whole broken and heartbroken world

 in this hard season of violence, death and extremism

            each one lost is a child made in Your image.

            each survivor is beloved to You

            each afflicted community is part of your commonwealth.

We lift our prayers for each life lost, each family bereaved,

 The worshiping communities whose fabric has been violently torn asunder

by bullets and hatred and fear.

We pray for ourselves, that this wounding, this outrage,

will not fade from our minds before our hearts are broken open

by Your passion for mercy, justice, and love.

Make us ceaseless in our resistance to xenophobia, intolerance, and fear.

May the knowledge of your divine image, given to every living being,

warm hearts that have grown cold,

and invigorate our desire to embrace our differences

and celebrate our belonging in the whole human family.

Make the waters of our tears nourish the river that flows through the city of God,

and the tree of life that is for the healing of the nations.

In the name of the God who is One, we pray.  Amen.

 –the Rev. Dr. Laurie Kraus, director, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, PC(USA)

Hungry for a Good Word?

Dear members and friends of Wyoming Presbyterian Church,

As we fast approach the season of Lent, I would like to share with you a poem that I quoted in worship earlier this month:

“This is not / the age of information. // This is not /the age of information.

Forget the news, / and the radio, / and the blurred screen.

This is the time of loaves / and fishes.

People are hungry, / and one good word is bread / for a thousand.”

David Whyte, “Loaves and Fishes,” The House of Belonging

The poet, David Whyte, wrote this poem in 1996, but it easily could have been written today. It seems to ring true despite the fact that we have even more technology than we did over 20 years ago and many more news outlets. In this era when trust is at an all-time low, aren’t we all starving for one good word?  Is the church where we find that word that feeds the multitudes?  I hope so.

This month we enter the season of Lent, a time of reflection upon the Word that feeds us and sustains us.  It is precisely during this season of Lent that we slow down, turn off the noise (or at least turn it down), and reflect on the story of our collective faith.  As we pare down our lives, we find that the Word is what truly nourishes us. Here is a list of opportunities for worship, study, and fellowship at Wyoming Church during Lent and Easter

There are also additional activities in our vibrant community; Please check out our website at or our facebook page (“Wyoming Presbyterian Church”) for more details.  At a time when we are all hungry for a good word, I hope that you will join us during this Lenten season to come together and to be fed.

Grace and peace, Rev. Caroline Unzaga, Interim Pastor

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