In conjunction with and International Earth Day, join us on Saturday, April 29 on the lawn of Wyoming Church from 10am to 2pm.

  • Learn how YOU can fight climate change, reduce your personal and household carbon footprint, and inspire others.
  • Enjoy fun activities and education from experts in Climate Change and Climate Action and our local students and schools who are learning/teaching Climate Change.
  • Eat and drink yummy food from local sustainable food vendors.
  • Learn about the Tax Rebates and Incentives (NJ Tax Rebates, Inflation Reduction Act) available to you when you take climate action.
  • See the latest climate-friendly technologies in electric/hybrid cars, home energy heating and cooling, landscaping, and food.

Contact: – Doug – for questions/more information/offer your climate action expertise 

Scheduled Experts and Exhibitors To Date:

Rutgers Master Gardeners of Essex County

Essex County Native Plants Society –

Millburn Environmental Commission

Sustainable Haus Mercantile

Columbia High School Environmental Club

West Orange High School Fight for Green Club

The Urban Cyclery