11:15-12:15 in the Hoffmann Room
Over this 5 week study, we will explore a key Lenten theme related to a Biblical text. Themes include: voice gratitude, take the long view, choose well, accept responsibility, welcome the future and trust God in times of conflict. Each session ends with a meditation on how the text speaks to our modern situation.

Adult  Enrichment for Lent 2018

“In Search of the Historical Paul:  Paul and Jesus”
Sundays at 11:15 am: Feb. 18 – March 18
Plan to join this 5 week Exploratory Study during Lent. Based on Video presentations by Biblical Scholar, John Dominic Crossan, to help us connect with Paul’s understanding of Jesus – for his time and our own.

The  Adult Education and Enrichment Committee develops, offers and oversees all opportunities for Adult study, engagement with issues, and considerations of the social/cultural implications of our faith.

2018no slave: Modern Slavery- Global to Local

A Conversation moderated by Elder, Bob Boneberg

Sunday January 7, 2018

Following Worship in the Hoffmann Room

Chair: Elder Chris MacIntyre


  • Discussions on the Belhar Confession-Lent 2015
  • Marriage and the PC(USA): a Study and Dialogue- April 12, and 26


  • “Pi and I Scream” – September 29, 2013 with Oscar-Nominated Film Editor Tim Squyres
  • “Sexual Orientation and Society” – April 21, 2013 with Richard Rizzolo.
  • “The Homeless And IHN: Is It Enough?” – May 12, 2013 with David Berry.
  • “The Death of Jesus Christ: A Medical Examiner’s Report” March 17, 2013 with Ken Swan.
  • “Antique Crystal Handled With Care” February 17, 2013 with Doug Reed
  • “Four Centuries of Autographed and Historical Documents: The Thread of Religious Belief” January 13, 2013 with Bob Boneberg


  • “Immigration Law and Christians” December 9, 2012 with Charles Christophe
  • The Federal Income Tax and Facts You Should KnowNovember 11, 2012 with David Gellatly.
  • Preventive Medicine and Your Colonoscopy September 30, 2012 with Ann Zauber.
  • The Sharing Network (A Gift of Life) May 20, 2012 with George Ganter.
  • Are you ready (prepared) to meet your Maker?”April 15, 2012 – Chuck Kramer speaks about what you should do while you’re still alive in this overview of wills, pre-marital agreements, durable power of attorney, living wills, elder planning.
    End of Life Planning
  • (The Most Important Issue Nobody Wants to Discuss)March 16, 2012 with John LeClair.
  • Life in the NBA (sort of)February 12, 2012 – Ken Gagne presents an interesting behind the scenes look into a life working for the NBA.
  • The Sexy House (New Jersey Real Estate, Where It’s Going and Your House) January 16, 2012 with Michael Auer.