IHNInterfaith Hospitality Network for the Homeless of Essex County provides shelter, direct services and housing assistance to homeless families with help from an extensive network of volunteers and community partners. Begun in 1988 as a non-sectarian response to the crisis of family homelessness, volunteers from Essex County congregations open their doors to provide shelter, meals and support to their neediest neighbors. Approximately 100 people have received IHN services each year, over 55% are children.

Wyoming Church assists in this mission by hosting twice/year with our partner St George’s Episcopal church in Maplewood. We host again for a week at Wyoming at the beginning of July. Each hosting requires at least 56 volunteers to cook and serve meals, clean up, socialize with our guests and sleep overnight. In John 21.15- 16 Jesus asks of Simon, “Do you Love Me?” When Simon assures him that he does; Jesus says, “Feed my Lambs.” Jesus asks Simon again, “Do you Love Me?” Simon reassures then Jesus says, “Feed my Sheep”. When we serve others we serve GOD and adhere to the teachings of our Lord and Savior.

IHN Hosting at St. George’s

Several times a year, we join with the members of St George’s Episcopal Church in Maplewood in hosting up to 4 homeless Interfaith Hospitality Network parents and their children at St Georges. Volunteers are needed to serve as meal preparers, greeter/servers, evening host and overnight host. Two volunteers are needed for each nightly task.

Please contact David Berry at (973) 701-9021 or dabberry@aol.com for more information about this wonderful ministry,or check the IHN sign-up chart posted in Fellowship Hall.

For more about IHN visit www.ihnessexnj.org